Monday, March 12, 2012

Determining a Theme

So after some time (about 5 months to be exactish) I suddenly remembered that I started a blog. The reason I so suddenly remembered this is because one of my lecturers for my writing course said that "if you can't get your writing published then why not start your own blog."

Well why not indeed? Oh, I know why. Because aside from a very tiny veil of morality and sanity, I have so many personalities, interests and opinions that focusing on one subject alone to share my thoughts on would be physically and mentally impossible for me.


This led to one of those magical light-bulb-glowing-above-my-head type moments where you get an epiphany (wouldn't it be great if all the lighting in your house was run by epiphany bulbs? Bye bye electricity bill!) so amazing you want to jump out of your chair into an action movie sequence.

Why not write about trying to do everything?

Yeah this is probably impossible, and most likely uninteresting but I actually have tried a fair few possibilities for future careers: Photography, Animation, Sales, Customer Service, Baking, Writing, Accounting, Chef, Public Relations etcetera etcetera.

So hopefully, if my attention span allows, I might make this an interesting blog to follow on my path to find a life. Because I certainly don't have one right now.

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