Thursday, April 19, 2012

Catching The Disease

 I'm making my zombie plans. Oh yes I am. I'm making my zombie plans. And they are going to be awesome!

It would probably look better if it wasn't so damn sunny. Zombies aren't a sunny bunch

I'm not referring to the zombie apocalypse this time, I'm referring to the Annual Brisbane Zombie Walk, the unofficial Guinness World Record holder for the largest gathering of zombies in the world.

I say "unofficial" because the stupid people from GWR can't be bothered coming down here themselves to count the thousands of people who dress up as the undead, FOR CHARITY I might add, and then don't believe the figures we give them. Bastards. Evil, evil bastards. Everyone already thinks Brisbane is lame, why not just let us have this one thing? We started the trend before it was cool. Hipster Brisbane! GIVE US CREDIT GOD DAMN YOU!

Ahem, all complaints aside, if you haven't guessed already the Brisbane Zombie Walk is a big gathering of all the most amazing people in the wider Brisbane area who enjoy the simple fun of dressing up like dead people and strolling leisurely through the inner city area freaking out tourists.

What not only makes our city the coolest for this little endeavour is that we do it all for charity. That's right, we support THE BRAIN FOUNDATION.

Get it? You get it right? Good.

So my zombie plans most comprise of how I should zombify myself this year. The two previous years I have done it I've done a Voodoo theme and a goth-nurse theme, and am thinking for this years dead-o-rama to go for an Insane theme.

This means I am considering buying a straight jacket. Yes for real. I feel no shame whatsoever having a bookmark on my computer for an online bondage store that will provide what I need. Because if it's designed for sex  then we all know it's going to be comfortable, durable, and stain resistant.


Although I have no hope of being as outstanding as my fellow living dead:

Sexier than Toby Maguire if you ask me.

Skill. Pure Skill.

And those guys are only from the 2010 walk. If you want, I may share some of the photos I took from last years walk of undead awesome.

The only major decision I have to make concerning my costume is whether it should be made for presentation, practicality, or just grossing people the f**k out.

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