Monday, April 23, 2012

I Surprise Myself

I didn't do a "Things I've Learned This Week" this week because I didn't really learn anything new, wrote about how attractive people are, and then got distracted watching "Dinner For Schmucks".

My bad.

But on the upside, I managed to write a 7 page long synopsis for a new story. I'm not going to lie, it was kind of inspired by Hitman and the gorgeous Timothy Olyphant with his shaved head and defined pectorals, wait . . . what was I talking about? Oh yeah the story. Usually I just end up writing some weird jumble of sentences that mean nothing to me when I read back on them, or perhaps the remnants of a dream I've had.

Eventually they all just go into my little black book of insanity to await further instruction.

Except yesterday I had an epiphany, and all of a sudden I had written an entirely plausible plot synopsis, character sheets and a tie in to my other book. So technically, if I put effort into it, I could have not one, but two books written by the end of this year.

Too bad I'm lazy as f**k with one hell of a non-existent attention span. Good thing I can get excited about almost anything really easily, and actually have genuine desire to make this story come true.

I'm hoping I can write a 4000 word scene by Wednesday that may be remotely good enough to submit to a short story competition. 'Cause it would be pretty cool if I won. What better incentive to continue the story than a cash prize and the general agreement that it's better than most others.

Oh well, time to watch some Game of Thrones and imagine the satisfaction I would get by punching Joffrey in the face. It's become a Monday tradition now. I'll be sad when the little s**t finally gets offed, I'll have to find someone else to imagine bludgeoning to death.

Probably KimbloodyKardashian.


  1. I saw "Dinner for Schmucks" in theatres when it came out in 2010; it's actually the American adaptation of the French comedy "Le Dîner de Cons" (English title: "The Dinner Game"). As with most adaptations, I highly suggest you watch the original. :)

    I also like those moments of epiphany when your writing falls into place. Now, if only we were half as motivated to get our act together and write it all with gusto!

    -Barb the French Bean

  2. Yes I had heard of the original, and I do plan to watch it. I'm starting to think that America has remade almost every single film in existence.

    As for the story, it was just the first time I put more than a few minutes of thought into an idea. I actually fleshed out the synopsis and the characters to the point that I was writing backgrounders as well. It felt good to be productive.