Sunday, April 8, 2012

Things I've Learned This Week

  • I'm not the only one wondering what goes on in the mind of producers who make the decisions behind TMNT and the Mass Effect 3 ending. Someone put a lot of thought into it.
  • The Hunger Games film was 'meh'. I actually prefer the books.
  • I'm still angry they cancelled Firefly
  • Everyone should watch Henry Rollins' Up For It
  • I may be addicted to caramel
  • Yelle + Madeon + Nathan Barnatt = Awesomeness
  • Anchorman will never stop being funny
  • The snake Harry Potter released when he was 11 turns out to be Voldemort's pet/horcrux Nagini. Mind = Blown
  • It's really hard to stand up on a moving bus
  • I still play pok'e'mon
  • I still cheat at pok'e'mon
  • I have an addiction to pepperoni
  • For some reason this picture makes me laugh way more than I think it should
  •  The Plank is the longest and greatest classic slapstick comedy routine/film ever
  •  A cat can still catch a mouse even when he only has 1 good tooth
  •  I am going to be eating a lot of chocolate this week

And here is your reward for reading through my madness:

It's a sandwich. That I made. With my non-feminist hands.

 Enjoy. But don't ever tell me to make a sandwich for you again. You only get one.

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