Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I Would Do With A Ridiculous Amount of Money

It's a common hypothetical question that we ask each other for fun. But did you know that what people answer can reveal what you or your friend really desires inside?

Let me give you a few examples.

The first thing most people would say is "I'd buy a huge mansion!" and I mean who wouldn't? Because having your own personalised house would be awesome.
But some people choose very specific types of homes. A penthouse in the city may mean the person likes attention or loves the idea of being in the centre of huge events. In comparison, someone who wants a beautiful castle-like home somewhere secluded and hidden can be a more private type.

Penthouse = Extrovert
Secluded Mansion = Introvert

You see? You have learnt something interesting about your friend already.

Totally Star Wars

You can also find out what they think of other people. Do they decide to give half of their money to their family? Or charity? Do they include their friends in this grand scheme of extravagance? Or do they spend every single dollar on their own personal desires because they really couldn't spare one measly million?

I'd at least buy a sports car for my Dad. Every father deserves a sports car. And maybe an epic garden for my mother she can read in. Just as a thank you gift to the both of them for creating me.

The next thing you could ask them is what they would do with their quadrillions to entertain themselves now they won't need to work.

Common answers:
- Host robot fights
- Travel all over the world
- Buy and read every book in the world
- Buy the rights to Justin Beiber so they can stop the madness
- Have an orchestra follow them everywhere
- Get front row tickets to everything
- Have a part every week for all their friends

Do it. For the love of good music, do it.

Each of these things shares with you an aspect of their personality you may not know.

And since the title of this post is What "I" Would Do With A Ridiculous Amount of Money, here's my plans for my well funded future. Have fun guessing my personal traits. (Hahahaha!)

Firstly - I'd give a substantial amount to my family and a few select friends. They are a part of my life and should get a reward for putting up with my shit for so long.

Secondly - A new house. I'm not about to get a giant castle type thing because that will require me either hiring numerous workers to help me take car of it or taking care of it myself. But to keep this fun, I'd probably buy three places - One small place, probably a unit or apartment (not necessarily a penthouse) close to my friends and family in my home town so I have somewhere to unwind or catch up with people - One nice place in my favourite city/country to keep up with events and fun activities and - One lovely castle-like semi-mansion in the mountains with a butt load of land. I would declare the land a nature reserve and spend as much money as possible turning it into an enchanted forest with things like this and this scattered throughout.

Thirdly - Weirdness. I am going to be the best eccentric quadrillionaire ever. Simply because I'm going to make my backyard resembled Skyrim/Middle Earth as much as possible, buy many people many weird things, dress however the hell I like and occasionally just hire celebrities I hate not to perform.

Finally - I will do things that involve the following: Space, robots, swords, lazers, sharks with lazers, go-karts, fireworks, loud music, ice-skating, ridiculous internet purchases, investing in the invention and breeding of pokemon, sponsoring my favourite artists, and this guy would dance for me whenever I wanted:

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