Saturday, April 14, 2012

Woo, Drugs!

I am going to apologise to any non-existent people who read this blog regularly, as you might already know I had some surgery done yesterday and am not really up for my usual thought patterns because my brain is full of drugs, sleep, and the desire for food I'm not allowed/can't eat. Is this making sense? I hope so. If not, meh, at least it'll be entertaining.

Ahahah I must remember to do a spell check before I post this cause my brain is all over the place and not in the mood to do shit manually.

First off, the hospital I went to was pretty cool. The most waiting I had to do was for about an hour when I checked in, but after that I only had to do a few minutes of watching bad television.

Seriously, I loved the hospital I went to. It was all pretty and smelt nice, and they gave us heated blankets cause it was super cold, and fuzzy robes and funny little booties. I was a lot better than I thought I would be because of my needle phobia. The made a good impression for my first ever hospital visit.

The doctors where hilarious, not Scrubs type ridiculous, and not all Greys Anatomy sexual tension weirdness. There were actually some pretty handsome doctors around too, so much so I didn't mind being asked the same three questions over and over again.

The best part was the anaesthesia! A tiny prick in my hand and I was just gone. Woke up exactly an hour later, spat up some mucusy blood, and started giggling like a mad woman. That apparently meant I was better so I was wheeled upstairs to get changed and to have some ice-cream and lemonade.

That did not go so well.

I couldn't feel the bottom half of my face so the lemonade was just going everywhere, but the fizzy feeling was reassuring. As was the delicious ice-cream which was the only thing I had had to eat that day.

I left the hospital with minimal falling over and my father spent most of the time translating what I was saying to my mother who for some reason kept asking me questions she couldn't understand the answer too.

Unfortunately they did something real mean to me that night and had steak for dinner, while I had a tiny amount of mashed banana badly spooned into my numb mouth, antibiotics and some pain killers.

Even now I can smell something so delicious cooking I just want to cry, but I'll be happier once my Dad brings me back a smoothie. Om nom nom.

So despite all that, I feel pretty good considering the four holes in my head and the having to wear ice-packs in a sling around my head like they do in the cartoons.

Hopefully I will be back to my old state-of-mind by Monday, with no bruising and with my stitches gone. If not, I'm going to look hilarious when I go to university the next day.

Until then, I'm just gonna watch Disney movies. Wooooooooooooooo Drugs!

P.S. Can't wait for Pixar's Brave to come out, looks awesomely Scottish and funny.

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