Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Freedom To Curse

Something I find hilarious about university students who do courses in writing, is the abrupt freedom they feel when they realise they can now swear in their stories.

It's kind of an unwritten (or possibly verbally yelled) law in high school that you are not allowed to swear in your stories. It may add drama, it may sound cool, it may be a way for you to tell your teacher she is a bitch, but it's just not well received come grading time.

So when everyone starts their first year at university in which we are forced to read hundreds of short stories deemed "ground breaking", they suddenly realise it's okay to drop the f-bomb. For some reason, this unleashes a tidal wave of curse words to be used in the most creative and imaginative ways.

And what makes this hilarity even more hilarious is the amount of swears in one simple short story. I've seen people going into the double digits for a simple 2 page plot.

"Forget about the story," the student will say with merriment "I get to use swear words in my story! Quick! Think of the most outrageous words in your teenage repertoire!"

I'm tempted to ask the lecturers how many times they've seen the sentence: "F**k the f**king f**ker."

I have a feeling it's quite a lot.

Point being, just because you CAN swear, doesn't mean you SHOULD. And it definitely doesn't mean your story will be BETTER if you do.

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  1. Agreed. I honestly believe that overusing profanity cheapens any impact a story would have. Curse words should be used sparingly, like sprinkles.

    -Barb the French Bean