Friday, May 4, 2012

Impulse Buy: Bow And Arrow Style

No I didn't actually buy a Bow and arrows. Two of my friends did. I sadly don't have the funds. Yet.

For a first trip to a gun, weapons and ammunition store, I have to say things went pretty well. And by "went pretty well" I mean I didn't manage to break anything or injure/kill the other people in the store. Believe me, if you knew more about my life, you would understand how big of an achievement that is. Simply put: I attract catastrophe.

And unlike causing a scene in a normal store full of normal easily knocked over goods, I would advise against being clumsy near a stack of rifles. They may not be loaded, but they are heavy. And intimidating as hell. I was going to say the same thing about the taxidermy animal heads lining the walls but then I saw that one of the goats had a pair of sunglasses on, he reassured me that I had nothing to worry about.

Taking the advice of Mr. Billy Goat I got over the shock of being surrounded by things that could technically kill me, and the possibility of me breaking something, and had a bit of a wander. I took in the many different styles of hunting rifles, the various detail on knives and multi-tools, and the billions of boxes of ammunition. And I only walked into one display case full of machetes! Huzzah!

We didn't really walk around that much because the guys had already eyed the bows they were going to get, and as professional impulse buyers, we were in and out of the store in less than half an hour with two brand new Pro Tactical 55lbs compound bows and a few aluminium arrows. I suggested getting them in silver, but no, after seeing The Avengers the guys just had to go black.

In case you are wondering what the PRO TACTICAL 55LB COMPOUND BOW looks like, here:

They've come a long way from Robin Hood times

The great thing about bows is you don't need a license to have one! Although I wouldn't recommend walking around town with it casually holstered on your back. A friend of mine did that and ended up having to have a nice little chat with a few police officers as to why he needed to carry a weapon through a shopping centre. It was hilarious! Just not for him.

As soon as I have the money I'm getting my own and possibly one for my father, because we are elves. Not an exaggeration. We are elves. I could walk into Murkwood in Middle Earth and all the elves would be like "Sup fellow elf? How fare thee this fine eve?" That's how elfy I am. Not to mention bows require more upper body strength to use and more effort. None of that stupid point and click crap you get with guns. This is hardcore ranged weapons of awesome.

And if the arrow doesn't shatter on impact, you can reuse it once you've retrieved it from the skull of your victim. Neat huh? I thought so.

Well once I've got my bow, and have practised to the point of mastery, I will have to get my knife skill level up. Than I can honestly say I'm prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse.

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