Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Power Games

Every day a deadly game is held within the walls of a modern, educational establishment. A university library, like many others, filled with hundreds of unsuspecting participants about to take part in a dangerous game. The power game.

The quest to find a power point before your laptop dies!

Now don't be scared, I know we are all familiar with the terrible fear of letting our portable computers and devices drop below that heart-stopping 0%. But what many people do not know is the terrible battle that these oblivious students must undertake to ensure they, their computer companions, and their school work survive.

Stage One: Put a large congregation of randomly selected students into a complicatedly large arena. A public library or computer lab is ideal.

Stage Two: Make sure a select portion of these students have assessment due by the end of the day and will be spending a large chunk of time working on their laptops.

Stage Three: Fill the library or computer lab with as many procrastinating students as possible, mainly ones who are sitting in the most comfortable chairs or using the only available computers to check facebook or look at pictures of cats.


Stage Five: The battle begins. Watch as multiple participants must either crawl under desks to find a power point, or risk embarrassment and harassment by asking people to move.

Watch as these poor students become more and more frantic as their battery level drops lower and lower. Follow them as they journey to parts of the building they have never seen before, and restricted areas they risk their dignity to get into.

I, Ellendara, as commentator on the event will be monitoring the main part of the arena that all participants must return to: the couch corner.

Yes the couch corner has the largest supply of power points but with the highest level of procrastinators. When entering this part of the arena, they must awkwardly scan the  group of procrastinators while themselves being judged by the lords of the lounge chairs. If no spare spots are available, as is often, then the participant must decide whether to leave and save themselves from shame, or to cast their inhibitions to the winds and crawl behind ever couch, chair and fuzzy cushion they can find to get to a power point.

At the end of the day, the winners have regained their calm nerves and are well into finishing their assessments, while the losers must debate running home as fast as they can or just admitting defeat and accepting their inevitable failure.

As the day draws to a close, and I observe from the happenings from the comfort of my cushy pink chair, the last remaining participants are pulling out their final and best moves. A young hipster in desperate need of power has taken to camping nearby, pretending to use his laptop in the hopes that another member may leave, letting him swoop in before anyone else enters his territory.

Two girls, in an attempt to work together, have stationed themselves near the stairs deterring anyone who might want to try upstairs and counting the amount of people who come down. A third member of the their group scans the areas upstairs in the hopes that a computer station may become free.

And finally, in a last ditch attempt to save his iPad, a young scene kid, fresh in the years of his education, has resorted to shouting at everyone in the area, hoping they will acknowledge his desperate cries for a charging cord.

It's been a messy day here in the library, many a laptop and iPhone has come to a grizzly end. Hopes have been dashed, dreams destroyed, and hipsters everywhere are prevented from using instagram once again.

So as the day draws to a close and students everywhere pack up for the long journey home, there is only one thing left to be said:

May the plugs be ever in your favour!

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