Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thing I've Learned This Week

Oh man I have been playing way too much Fallout New Vegas this week. So much so I'm craving some sarsaparilla and wishing I had a pet eye-bot called Ed-E. Also I just finished an assignment and am going to celebrate by watching the latest episode of Korra. Achievement unlocked: Relaxed.

Now for the Thing I've Learned This Week:

  • Rowan Atkinson looks pretty damn sexy in tights
  • There are way too many Avengers related memes around at the moment, but I do enjoy them
  • Titan the Robot is the best busker in the world
  • Don't turn on a heater before you've cleaned the dust out of it. The smell of burnt dust is terrible
  •  If Johnny Bravo asked me out, I would totally say yes
  • Blackadder will never stop being hilarious
  • I actually do like Goyte, and have been listening to Eyes Wide Open on loop for 3 days
  • Ozzy Osborne is awesome because he does things like this
  • Chandler was the best character on friends. No argument.
  • My father and I bond best while watching terrible movies and making fun of them
  • I will be buying a bow some time in the future
  • I will be buying a harmonica some time in the future
  • Winter is almost upon Brisbane and I am getting excited because of it
  • I need to think of something better to get my mother for Mothers Day than a Keith Urban CD
  • I'm starting to compile a list of people I would punch in the face if given the chance
  • I am the lord of procrastination and damn proud of it

Now I leave you with a picture of the cutest little flying robot ever to be imagined: Ed-E

He shoots lazers!

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