Sunday, May 20, 2012

Things I've Learned This Week

Well this has been a wholly uneventful week. And yet so much has happened in my over-active imagination land where I spend most of my time I haven't really noticed. All I remember is that cupcakes were somehow involved. And possibly a robot turtle. But these are some things that I have learned:

  • Never take mental notes. You never remember mental notes. Take ACTUAL notes.
  • Team America has forever made me repeat Matt Damon! every single time someone says his name
  • Dark Shadows wasn't that great of a movie. It had the Depp, it had the Dark, it had the Helena and the Michelle but it was missing something essential: Good content
  • Whoever said 'You never forget to ride a bike' was wrong; and I have the knee grazes to prove it
  • If there is such a thing as a 'Literaturegasm' I have had one. It was amazing
  • Community is the greatest television show ever because of their season three final episode of 8-bit awesome
  • Seth Macfarlane (The guy who created Family Guy and American Dad) has made a movie. It. Looks. Amazing.
  • Hollywood is so out of ideas they are willing to let Seth Macfarlane make a movie
  • Seth Macfarlane is extra awesome for being able to make a movie
  • I have to wait too damn long for Doctor Who's next season
  • I now have over 60 new books to read
  • By 'new' I mean I have not read them yet, because these books are old as hell
  • Sometimes I wish I was a cyborg just so I could download music directly into my had. Maybe Apple will come up with something for that soon. iBorg?
  • Horror movies from the 80's and 90's are hilarious

If you haven't noticed from the information provided above, I do like Seth Macfarlane quite a lot. You will too probably when you see this movie (It has Mark Wahlberg in it!):

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