Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Attack of the Rainbow Birds

I don't really like to discuss my personal life that much on this blog, I find revealing personal insights into my insanity much more entertaining. However, I went down to Mount Tamborine the other day for an engagement celebration and had quite an interesting day.

For those of you who do not live in Brisbane, yes we have a mountain named after a terrible instrument. No the mountain isn't shaped like a Tamborine, although I'm sure if it was hit by an earthquake it might sound like one. There are enough wineries there to get a small island nation drunk. Not joking.

So 3 interesting things happened.

1. Visited some Glow Worms.

Fun fact, they aren't actually worms, they are insects. They are also cannibalistic and won't hesitate to visit their neighbour next door for a cup of sugar and a chunk of their torso when food gets low. Also they spin webs to catch prey. Like spiders. Crafty little devils.
And my god they are pretty.

It's like walking into a cave filled with a little blue galaxy. I have a feeling if you spend enough time just staring at them you could reach enlightenment. Or insanity. Not sure which.

2. Bought a Harmonica

It's probably because I've been watching too many 80's movies like The Blues Brothers, but the harmonica is a pretty sexy instrument. Example:

If you can ignore the crazy shenanigans Johnny Depp is getting up to, there is some pretty sick jazz harmonica going in the background. Not only does it sound awesome, but when I learn how to play it properly I can say I have professional level blowing and sucking skills. Hello gentlemen. I hope to be as good as this kid one day.

3. Attacked by rainbow lorikeets who wanted to steal my sugar

If ever anyone who reads this ever goes to Mt. Tamborine, visit the Polish Place. Not only is the coffee and baked goods delicious, the waitresses dress up in traditional polish attire, and there is 180 degree vista views of beautiful rural Brisbane mountainsides.

But the highlight of the little coffee place, is the hundreds of rainbow lorikeets flying around your head trying to steal your sugar. Now I was not expecting this when I and my family sat down for a nice afternoon coffee break, until the waitress came over with our drinks and a caution to protect our sugar.

Little did we know we needed to guard every edible substance on our table.

Yes those are rainbow lorikeets drinking milk. They were also drinking coffee and tea. Addicts. The point being I underestimated how awesome my own state is. Shame on me.

Also I need to get a lorikeet called Hugh.

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