Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Awesome Photoshopping Skills

Last night I was rather bored. It was raining and cold and I was slightly drunk off many mini bottles of flavoured Baileys. So what does one do when they are drunk, alone and bored?

Facebook, duh.

I don't even know why I think someone is going to randomly chat to me on the stupid site but I go on it anyway to either stalk, irritate or entertain other people. Last night I chose irritate, but that somehow evolved into being entertaining.

It started with this:

No I didn't actually do this. As you can probably tell by the tag at the bottom I got it off the Memebase website. I loved it immediately because as anyone who has read this blog or has spent 36 seconds around me knows I love Chris Evans. Luuuurve him.

This is also closest I am ever going to get to the gorgeous man.

However, one of my friends who I hadn't talked to in a while thought I was a sad little lady for posting my sexy dream.

This needed to be fixed.

Now this WAS done by me

Previously the guy had gone on and on about how attractive Emily Browning was, so I decided to be nice and make his sexy dreams come true. (I wasn't actually being nice, I was trying to piss him off light-heartedly).

He was not amused.

So then this happened:

Followed by this:

And finally, the one in which my skills truly shine, there was this:

I honestly don't care that I am putting his beautifully photo shopped face on the internet. I am damn good at it. Especially with that last one. I did well considering there isn't one damn picture of him not smiling and looking happy. I was going to do a Harry Potter one but couldn't find a single photo of him with a "Oh no, somebody murdered my parents and now I'm a wizard!" expression.

What's super funny is this isn't the first time it's happened.

Enter my friend Cecile!

I don't know how it got started, all I know is that someone (probably me I think) said "She has better facial expressions than Kristen Stewart".


Yeah okay this was pretty terrible

But this one was better

And this one was marvellous

I just don't see how I don't have a job considering my talent for photoshop. If you ever need you face shopped into a move poster or specific photo scene, don't hesitate to contact me. I have the time.

No seriously I have the time. I was bored as s**t when I did these.


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