Friday, July 20, 2012

Steam: The Owner of my Soul

I consider myself a pretty avid gamer. I can say this because every time Steam has their summer game sale I have a nerd-gasm. It's like an orgasm except it is brought on by the sheer amount of amazing games available for super cheap prices.

It's like End of Financial Year Sales. But for nerds.

It also brings on this big bought of depression when you realise that game you bought 1 month ago for $60 is now $10. If the soul-crushing realisation you could have saved a sh*t-tonne of money doesn't make you want to cry as you purchase more games to ensure it doesn't happen again, feel free to have a giant rage like I did and throw some things around the room.

Even though I have them on CD, I still purchase games in digital form just so I can have them in digital form. I don't understand myself. But Bioshock 1 & 2 was only $10 and there was no way in hell I was letting that go to waste.

Don't question my logic.

But one of the great things about the Steam sale is all the games you can buy that you normally wouldn't consider.

Despite my purchasing Assassin's Creed, Batman: Arkham Asylum (yes I am playing the games in the wrong order. Sue me [Don't sue me]), Bioshock, the majority of the GTA franchise, I was recommended by a good source (who I may or may not be related to) to try out this new game:


Although I do not possess the capabilities, the game is available to play in 3D and is apparently so visually awesome it can induce rainbow seizures of pure imaginative delight. Also it has a kind of steam punky feel to it that I always find refreshing in this time of futuristic, post-apocalyptic and medieval dominated genres.

Compared to the FPS and RPG's I usually play, this is just a simple little shooter game that can be played on both PC and XBox. It's exactly like the classic shooter games based on Asteroid but with more robots, rockets and visually pleasing landscapes.

There are very few instances in my life where I can confidently call something "Adorably Badass".

This is one of those times . . . PEW PEW PEW!

Check out the Steam Summer Sale (only 2 days left from the time I post this) and discover some new titles. And if you are considering buying a game in the first half of the year, WAIT! And then purchase it from Steam on sale. And also, give some of the little games a chance. They may not be as huge as Mass Effect or Half-Life, but by jove they are entertaining!

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