Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I am a terrible Blogger

First off I need to apologise for my terrible frequency (or lack-there-of) for creating blog posts. I have come up with two legitimate reasons as to why I haven't been as active as I would have liked.

1. I haven't been attending or experiencing anything worth writing about lately
2. I am super lazy and have had no enthusiasm to write.

So to rectify this, I'm lowering my standards for posts. Unfortunately this means that while I will probably be posting more often, I will likely be posting things that are far less interesting than comedy reviews, insane conversations with my brain, and contemplating zombie plans.

Actually that just reminded me. Brisbane Zombie Walk is coming up and I need to get to work on my zombie costume. So you can expect a post about that. And also some terribly drawn pictures.

There will also, more than likely, be an update on what I am being forced to do in order to get an education, and how terribly, terribly, unemployed I am.

It's also a problem that I have become addicted to anything to do with The Walking Dead and may or may not have just watched the entire two seasons as well as watched Hannah Plays The Walking Dead through all the episodes. So you can at least expect a post about zombies, hacking of limbs, and how much Lori is a bitch. (If you don't know who Lori is, you soon will. . . she's a bitch).

But for now, continue being strange. It's good for your health. Probably.


  1. fight the good zombie fight. and then blog about it for entertainment purposes. can't wait to read it.

  2. I can tell you have a warped sense of humor.(in a good way) Grrr and Zim are my son's and my favorite cartoon characters. Zombie out dudette.

    1. You should see the post I did on the very good reasons the Zombie Apocalypse should happen. I'm seriously hoping it will happen. So many people I want to hit in the head with a baseball bat without the danger of arrest.