Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good Ol' Fashioned Ramble

Oh blog, I have missed you. Where would I be without you as an outlet for my general insanity?

Probably on the streets with a sandwich board stating THE END IS PIE!

Wait, hold on one sec. . .

Aaah that's better. I now have my stuffed leopard I got from Taronga Zoo in Sydney to stroke in my lap 007 style while I eat a jar of Nutino. It's like nutella but supposedly Italian. It has a squirrel on the jar so I don't care so much it's not actually nutella.

So I have a few specific topics to verbally vomit through and to try and keep them as thick and un-watery as possible I'll just add in some headings I can refer to in case I go off on a Ross Noble type tangent.

Money and Work

Holy s**t it's awesome having a job again. And a good job at that. I don't have to count money, or repetitively clean dishes, or interface with a ridiculously idiotic customer base on a regular basis (although I have some awesomely hilarious stories of stupidity I plan to share eventually). For the  first time since last year (2011. I'm still not used to it being 2013) I don't dread waking up and going to work. It's amazing.

And because of this new job I am now rolling in the proverbial dough. Actually that would be fun. Bread dough is awesomely soft and squishy. I should buy some with my money. After I buy a new computer. Looking at computers is like looking at porn. Or window shopping for prostitutes. The cheaper ones will serve your purpose but the more expensive ones are just sooooo pretty. And do more things than just sit there and make noises. I am talking about computers by the way. . .

The Holiday Season

My holiday season kicks off a week or two into December because Australians don't have Thanks Giving and my birthday is before Christmas. But not close enough that it becomes a joint event, thankfully. And this year we celebrated by shooting each other in the face with nerf guns. Because that's how we show love. It also helps that it was 30 degrees outside with blue skies and a light breeze so having a white Christmas can get stuffed.

I fell asleep half an hour after midnight on new years. No elaboration needed.


I have not seen The Hobbit yet. I am very sad at this fact but it came out after Christmas and has been booked in pretty much every cinema for weeks. And seeing as I spend quite a lot of time on 9gag and other entertainment sites with movie stills in them, it's becoming more and more difficult NOT to see spoilers. I know that sounds stupid considering it's based on a book, and I have read said book. But I wanna seeeeeeeeeeeee it.

In the mean time I went and saw Wreck-It-Ralph. Which was amazing. Ah-may-zing. I need to look like Jany Lynch's character Calhoun.

Look at the sexiness just radiating off that CGI! And she still manages to look badass. I need that suit in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. Except a lazer sword of some kind. And an eye-patch. Or a decorative hat, maybe . . .

Aaaaaaand that's how my life has been going since the last past over a month ago. Honestly all I've been doing is working and sleeping and enjoying the holidays with wonderful people. And playing The Sims 3. I forgot how addictive and stupid that game is. Pregnant sim on a bicycle, need I say more?

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