Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Harlem Shake

I don't know why they chose that song.

I don't know why it only lasts 30 seconds.

I don't know why there must be a helmet involved.

But what I do know is it's damn hilarious.

They started surfacing about 5 days ago (around the 10th of February) and thanks to my boyfriend I have seen every single one of them as they appear.

I can't say for sure where it originated exactly, but I know this was one of the first ones:

A Step By Step Guide To Making A Harlem ShakeVideo

Step 1: Find a group of funky phresh friends up for doing something stupid

Step 2: Get your hands on Harlem Shake by Baauer (The first 30 seconds will do)

Step 3: Elect a helmet wearer (Acquire some sort of face covering, helmet, mask, decapitated stuffed animal or morph suit)

Step 4: Find a location suitable for shenanigans. Perhaps underwater?

Step 5: Have your group of awesome and possibly no-life-having friends to go about their business as the selected helmet-head begins to thrust

Step 6: Wait for the beat to drop

Step 7: Go bat-cat-ape-head-knocking-hospital-visiting-giraffe-punchingly insane

Step 8: Record the entire thing and put it on the interwebs

And of course Youtubers are just jumping on this bandwagon. So far SourceFed and The Fine Brothers have created their own versions. Even a US News station has gotten on board. This is the definition of 'Going Viral'.

Oh god I hope it never ends. Shake on my friends. Shake on!

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