Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tick Tock, I Don't Own A Clock

I have not done a post in over a month.

So obviously I have been waiting until I had something important to due that was due in less than three hours so I can procrastinate :D

I have been so busy. I'm working full-time hours at casual rates which is awesome. But I've been spending more time at work than I have at home. Which is not awesome. Also I got my first parking ticket. Which is so-so. I'm kind of proud of it but that the same time I don't like having to pay $75 because people are jealous of where I park my sexy car.

The good news is that uni has reignited my passion for writing. And now I have realized how much I have neglected my blog. Not just because I have been busy and my levels of crazy have been lower than usual due to the lack of sugar induced boredom highs, but because I haven't been able to practice my writing.


Which isn't really that hard to do. I mean how f***ing hard is it to sit down and write? Not that hard. And it's not that difficult to take 5 minutes out of your day to write down a few sentences. But for those sentences to make sense, they need to be related to the other few sentences you wrote down yesterday, and that is just not how my mind works.

Instead, I am going to challenge myself to do as many posts as I can in the next few weeks. This is probably a really bad idea considering the amount of work university commitments I have but that's life. You have to learn to manage your time or you end up running late for everything, missing out on opportunities, and forgetting to download the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

So hopefully, if I can muster the strength, I will write a number of posts related less about me, and more about the things I have done or seen over the past few months. Like going to the Brisbane Comedy festival and having Sammy J scream in my face, or perhaps the slow and gruelling process of finding a real estate company who might consider renting a unit to my boyfriend and I so we can live and sleep in a giant blanket fort that encompasses the whole place.

Fingers crossed.

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