Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thoughts On ANZAC Day

While my computer issues persist, I thought I would take a moment to touch up on the subject of ANZAC day, since, in approximately 15 minutes from me writing this, it will be ANZAC Day in Australia and it will be a time for remembrance. For the people abroad, ANZAC stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and the day itself is a remembrance day for our soldiers.

With every year that passes we get further and further away from the wars we set these days to remember. The survivors of most of these battles have long passed or will soon be committed to memory themselves. So why have these remembrance days when the people who have something to remember will no longer be around in a few years? Why should the grand children and great grand children devote time from their blissful lives to remember the people they never knew?

The reason is simply because history repeats itself. We learn from history that we do not learn from history. Wars will still continue to come and go and with it the hundred of thousands of men and woman who die in the process. Fighting for peace. Or so we are told.

It's days like these, when I make ANZAC biscuits and take a moment out of my day to pay respects to the dead who went through such unimaginable hardships that I wonder about the hardships yet to come. What were to happen if North Korea did in fact attack America. Or Australia, Or any country for that matter. Would anyone stand up and say "No, we have already lost so many people to the senseless fighting, we need to put a stop to this lust for power and control."? And if they did, who would listen?

When it comes to it, men with guns do not listen to anyone else unless they have bigger guns. One view is not the right view just because people listen to you. What is right for one person may not be right for another. Attack, defense, assistance, revenge, all it leads to is another page in the history books and a few more names on stone. It won't end. Humanity won't let it end.

And for certain reasons, we can't let it end.

War is terrible, vicious, devastating and scars the lives of everyone involved. But it's that devastation and terror that it causes that forces people to submit. It's not until the grand-child of that long dead soldier is sitting in a mud-filled trench with a bullet in their arm and debris falling from the sky that they fully understand why we remember.

We remember because we need to. We fight because we need the pain. The pain and the suffering and the destruction make the grass greener. The names carved in the stone mean nothing unless they were once names you called from your own lips. People die. The world moves on. And still we continue to live.

History repeats itself. So when will that history start being worth repeating?

Lest we forget.

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