Thursday, May 9, 2013

ICWM #8 - Am I A Grown Up Yet?

Brain:  Watcha doing?

Me:  Trying to combine my superannuation accounts into one before all the money in them disappears from admin fees.

Brain:  Dafuq is super nation?

Me: Superannuation is something your employer pays for you to use when you are old and can't work anymore.

Brain:  So it's like retirement money?

Me:  Pretty much.

Brain:  Why don't you just use that money now and save later? Go buy something awesome like a solid gold toilet.

Me:  That's ridiculous and no. This is important so hush up for a little while.

Brain:  But this is so boooooooooooring. Can't we do something fun like play Killing Floor or watch Game of Thrones or something?

Me:  No, I need to do this. One of my accounts is already completely gone. I lost $150 in less than a year.

Brain:  Oh snap, that sucks. You could have bought a solid gold Legend of Zelda Triforce necklace for that much.

Me:  Tell me about it. That necklace would be awesome. I'd be the coolest kid at school with that around my neck!

Brain:  ... You're being sarcastic aren't you?

Me:  Shut up and let me be an adult.

Brain:  Ha! You? An adult? Pleeeease! You still wear beanies with ears on them

Me: That's because they look rad.

Brain:  Rad?

Me:  Radical?

Brain:  You didn't grow up in the 80's, you aren't allowed to use those words. Only ninja turtles are allowed to use those words.

Me:  WOULD YOU SHUT UP AND LE- F**k it I'm done with this crap. They can have my damn super. Where did you see that Legend of Zelda necklace?

Brain:  That's the slacker spirit I know and love! TO THE INTERNET!

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