Thursday, June 13, 2013

Leave George Alone

As of the last episode of Game of Thrones season 3, everyone hates George R. R. Martin.

If you haven't seen the latest season or you have not read the books, please stop reading this post and go back to your happy ignorant life where no incest or massacres occur. But for the rest of the brutality worshiping world who now must control their withdrawal symptoms until the next season comes out, not many people are happy. And here is why.

Robb has to die. Cat has to die. The wife didn't have to die and I squealed for a long time gripping my stomach after seeing what happened to her but, in a way, it was good she died.

No I am not a heartless b***h, I'm just recognizing what a writer needs to do to make a story interesting. Let me give you a few examples.

I'm currently reading the Lorien Legacies series and while it is a great set of young adult novels (I Am Number Four, The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine), there are just some things about it that make it a terrible piece of fiction. The main reason is because there are too many ways a character can get out of a situation. These kids are developing powers and instead of only being given one or two powers in the beginning, they can develop an indefinite amount of kick ass things like night vision and teleportation and controlling fire.
So if one of them were perhaps to be knocked underwater with a head wound, wouldn't it be convenient if you suddenly had the ability to breathe underwater? Yep, because that's what happens. But in George's books, there are limits. When someone is pushed into a river wearing a heavy suit of armour, they actually die.

This means you won't be reading the books and thinking "Well there are at least three main characters on this boat right now, there is no way they are all going to die". They just might. It keeps you on your toes. And I know most people would be thinking But dude, why do some many of the main characters have to die?! The answer is quite simple.

Because it makes you feel.

You spend a lot of time getting to know these people, learning their strengths and weaknesses, their families and back stories, you come to love and respect them. So if anything were to happen to these characters, you would become quite involved in how it turns out.

Just like Robb.

I didn't cry when Robb was stabbed, I didn't cry when Catelyn was defeated in her emotions and cut down so quickly. I did however, cry when Talisa (The television version of Jayne Westerling) is stabbed repeatedly in the belly after she has just told Robb she is pregnant. I was in shock. Completely disgusted. And absolutely heartbroken. I knew she had to die purely because bad things were going to happen; but to see a character I had come to like die so violently in such a horrific way was atrocious.

However, what makes this okay to me, is that these characters do not exist. There were never any Starks, there is no Mother of Dragons, the Imp is not the god of tits and wine. But I still managed to feel for them. And that is why George Martin can keep writing whatever the hell he likes. Because I feel for everyone of those characters as if they were real people.

Except for Cersei, she can be tied to a pole and set on fire with wildfire for all I care. I hate you Cersei.

So lay off Georgie, he's written so many interesting plots it is unbelievable. Honestly, he is a fantastic writer. He is not like this at all:

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