Sunday, August 18, 2013

Straightening Priorities

A few days ago I found out that a girl I went to primary school with is going to be in a major film. She and I used to play together in our backyards when we were 6 years-old and now she is the lead role in a novel-based film that already has a huge following. If all goes well for her she could be the next Daniel Radcliffe.

And I am genuinely happy for her.

I am, really! Although when I discovered a few years ago that the modelling competition she had won had lead to her starring in a television show I was surprised more than anything. To see someone who grew up in the same city as I, liking the same things, and going through the same way of life, it's amazing how differently everything can turn out.

But as I said, I am genuinely happy for her. For a young woman to make a major film role, despite being only twenty-one and having only small local roles, is one hell of a breakthrough. And an Australian at that! I get excited whenever I find out an actor is Australian because it means people might start paying more attention to our hugely ignored island. They might even start to realise our major source of transportation isn't kangaroos. Although that would be kind of cool to freak out tourists.

However, what I started to wonder after hearing of her success, is whether or not my life was on the right track. Really all I do is, work, study, chill out with friends, and read. If I have time (which I usually don't) I write something.  I'm not getting a novel published anytime soon, nor am I the editor of a highly popular magazine or website. I'm just doing what I can with what I have.

Things may happen soon, or they may not happen at all. The only person to blame is myself, and the only person I can count on to change things is me as well.

I wish all the best for Lucy Fry and her career. I look forward to seeing her in Vampire Academy and I am going to give her all my support in whatever way I can. Because success isn't really success unless you've worked hard for it.

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