Thursday, October 31, 2013

Aokigahara - One Messed Up Place

A friend of mine, as part of her final years as a game developer, has joined with other students from her degree and come up with a game that most people would think is similar to Slender.

The trailer is creepy enough...

Holy crap I thought Slender was scary, but there is actually a back story to this one that I am familiar with.

The game is supposed to be set in Aokigahara, the Sea of Trees, and is a forest in Japan that is known for its attraction of suicidal people. Scary, huh? Each year up until the late 2000's, the forest was continually breaking records for the amount of suicides; annually increasing to almost hundreds of deaths. Eventually Japanese authorities thought it best to keep the exposure of the forest to an absolute minimum to stop people getting any ideas worse than they already have, but it still remains the second most favourable spot for suicides right after the Golden Gate Bridge.

I once came across a sign for mental health on my visit to Sydney last year. The sign was located next to a look out on a popular cliff overlook the Sydney Cove entrance and when I first saw it I was confused. I asked my parents why that would be here and my mother simply replied "For people who need a second thought about life". And suddenly I thought this was a good idea. I've heard a number people who have suffered from deep depression admitting they would feel imensley better if there was some small sign given to them that they might make it through the day. Apparently the entrance to Aokigahara has a few of these signs and I can't help feel sad that they are needed.

If you want to know more about the suicide forest, you can have a look here or just google the place; a lot of people have posted some eerily beautiful photos that make you wonder about the existence of spirits.

But inspite of all the horrific stories and details behind the forest, good work to the people at 2Quarter Studios; for making a truly terrifying game. And this guy knows exactly how scary:

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