Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Love For Harley Quinn

I love her so much.

I don't normally discuss my fondness for female fictional characters because the male ones are always better, but I've been playing a lot of Batman: Arkham Origins and I squealed a lot when Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel M.D. made her appearance. I guess it's because of all the fictional back-stories to comic book characters, I can identify with hers the best.

Which is probably not a good thing considering she's technically a villain... and a victim... and clinically insane...

But she's still much cooler than Catwoman, and I will tell you why!

While Catwoman is everyone's favourite in her skin-tight "cat" suit and sassy sexuality, if you look into her backstory, it's really just the story of a runaway orphan who gets into sex and burglary to survive, eventually turning a new leaf because the Big Bad Bat influences her so (in the heart AND the loins, if you get my meaning).

But if you look at Harley's background, it's something more than the sob story of a girl who can't paly by the rules.

Harleen was a psychiatrist, while young and naive, she had a promising career; something amazing considering the number of nut-jobs you know are running around Gotham. Seriously, why does anybody live there? It's just a cesspool of crazy and stupid and I'm sure it's not that hard to just pack up and drive up north or- OH WAIT, Bane blew up the bridges again, guess we're stuck here forever, Merry Christmas kids, let's go cower in the basement and hope Killer Croc doesn't come crawling up the toilet again. Psycho gold mine is what Gotham is.

So anyway, Harleen gets a job working at Arkham Asylum because the staff keep mysteriously dying horrific deaths every few weeks. During that period she was able to have intimate one-on-one sessions with The Joker. Trying to work her magic on him to heal his cracked up psyche, she came under his spell instead. Arkham Origins does a nice portrayal of this in the game. Harleen began to feel strong sympathy and affection for the wounded soul with a sense of humour and soon helped him escape. It wasn't until Batman beet the ever-living crap out of The Joker and returned him to the Asylum that she decided to give up her budding but probably deadly job as a quack and donned her jester costume.

And that's how love turned an intelligent young woman into a crazy person who likes dressing up in stupid costumes and beating people to a pulp.

In my case, I was like that BEFORE the love, but you can see why I like her more than Catwoman. She fell victim to something a lot of girls fall victim to: love. You'd do anything for the person you loved, sometimes even if they don't love you back. The mind is a fragile thing.

Plus this chick is ADORABLE!


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