Sunday, December 8, 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins - Not Good For OCD

I recently finished the main story for the latest Batman game and I quite enjoyed it. But before I bash the crap out of all the mistakes, here are some positive things about it:

I like meeting some lesser known villains in the Batman universe because everyone, especially those who have only watched the films, are fixated on the Joker. It's fun to see some other villians, like Black Mask, who have interesting back stories, make an appearance. Hopefully it will push more people to read the comics.

I liked the longer length of the game. It seems like the last two games I was able to complete in one sitting. This time it took me a few nights to explore the city fully, trying to get those god damn Riddler trophies and chasing down every bomb, villain, goony, and whatever forced you to run from one end of the map to another.

I enjoyed all the subtle and not-so-subtle references to the other games. Seeing Harleen Quinzell before she goes bats**t insane or Enigma before he dons the hat. It's the little things really.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of let downs in this game, and I apologise in advance if my calculated, even language devolves into mindless yelling and ranting in CAPS. No I don't, screw you, I can complain if I want to, I can leave my friends behind! Because if Mark Hamill isn't the voice of the Joker then the Joker is no friend of mine. Good try Troy Baker, but you can't caputre that high pitched wheezyness that Hamill does so well. And if your main attraction for the game is the Joker, it better be a damn good Joker.

And that's upset number 1! It's another game about the Joker! I thought it was going to be a big gang up by others that might have led to the creation of the Joker and why he is so fanatic about Batman, but nope. The Joker is already insane, and even though you get to see him meet The Detective for the first time, nobody knows about him; but within the span of 12 hours he somehow manages to become as notorious as he is on the other games. Good for him as a villain, but COME ON! Don't tease me like that! Black Mask is an awesomely sadistic criminal and I got all excited and you betrayed me! Betrayed!!

Of the 8 assassins, 5 of them are disappointments and the other 3 are just annoying.

I was hoping to go into backstories...
I was hoping they would connect to each other...
I was hoping there would be epic boss fights...

Oh why do I trust so easily?

Also, Penguin, Black Mask, and The Riddler try to mess with you more than some of the actual Assassins but apparently they don't count as real villains. What's up with that? AND WHY DID TINY THE SHARK NOT MAKE AN APPEARANCE?!

Calm, calm.

Starting with Croc, I get he is a good introduction to the combat, and it forces you right into the action, but you don't get to fight him again so why give him a second appearance to taunt you? And he looks much less menacing in this game; just the same as Bane, the two of them are far less exaggerated and I am hoping it's because their "conditions" haven't begun to transform them fully yet, but slapping on a new coat of paint doesn't improve the engine. The boss fight for Croc was waaaaay better and scarier in Arkham Asylum.

Firefly. Jesus, Firefly. WHY WAS THE BATWING ONLY USED AS A DISTRACTION?! This game had me all geared up for a dog fight in the sky. It would have been amazing. The map was large enough, you already had flight mechanics in place, and this is the only game where you can use the Batwing and you DON'T EVEN GET TO USE IT AS A PLANE!! It's just used for fast travel. FAST TRAVEL?! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah disappointment. Although fighting Firefly on the ground was different and interesting compared to the usual Use-this-weapon-this-many-times-while-you-fight-goons-and-avoid-things kind of fight.

Deathstroke was actually a challenge. He was probably the only villain that I had to repeat the fight because I died a couple of times. Cool, I get it, but why not make him the final boss then? Bane isn't exactly a "fight" in the end since you spend most of the fight running and hiding in vents. It gets your blood pumping though. Wasn't expecting him to actually smash into my hidy-holes.

Copperhead was sub par, mainly just acting like the Mad-Hatter with his poisony tricks but hot damn she is sexy. I'm glad the comics re-imagined her as a woman. She's like a mixture of Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

Finally, Shiva is just a replacement for Talia Al Gul, with less sex appeal and more annoying ninjas, Deadshot was the most annoying stealth mission ever and I had to repeat it at least 6 times before I could kick that c**ksucker's head in. I rage quit twice because of him. And finally, Electrocutioner was a joke. A massive, Slavic, joke. But thanks for the cool gloves though.

All in all, I'm expecting to see some sort of filler game come out of this. Something better hopefully. If not, It's a bit of an anti-climactic way to begin/end the series.

Comic books go so wonderfully with video games. So much more room to explore and tell stories. Just don't try to shove everything into one box or it might explode back in your face.


Also, is it just me or is Black Mask a little bit sexy? In a madman, torture you for laughs kind of way?

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