Friday, February 28, 2014

Moving Out: My Adult Childhood

In a few weeks I'm going to be moving out of my family house for the first time and all I can think about is how many childish things I can do with an empty unit.

Childish Thing No.1 - BALL PIT!

Just imagine a whole room filled with these buggers. It would be awesome. Never mind the fact that it would be a bitch to clean up and that you'd have over 1000 coloured plastic balls to find a place for or dispose of. What would you do with 1000 balls like that? Would you throw them into a garbage bin and watch a garbage man freak out or can "Used coloured balls" be donated to a kids play centre. I certainly hope not. But a whole room full of them! You could spend hours and hours just rolling around! And you can buy as many as you want from Toys'R'Us. As many as you want. I don't know why I want to do this so much; possibly because I've only been in a ball pit once in my life but god damn do I want my own.

Childish Thing No. 2 - NAKED EVERYTHING!

This is a fun thing to do if you have or haven't got your stuff moved in. If you haven't, just walk to the centre of the room, remove all garments, shoes and socks included, and just be free. Let your natural dangly bits be exposed to the elements as nature intended in all their soft and fleshy grandeur. I would suggest pulling the blinds down, but whatever, you can do what you want; it's your place of naked glory. If you do have some stuff there, see how it feels going about your daily business in the nuddy. I've always wanted to make a cake in the nude. Suddenly getting cake mix on my chest doesn't make me sad. Caution: do not attempt any fry pan related cooking. Trips to the hospital naked are not freeing, they are shame inducing.

Childish Thing No. 3 - DANCE MONTAGE!

Now I'm not saying you should do the Risky Business dance... but .... you should do the Risky Business dance. Or any dance for that matter. So long as it has spontaneity.

Side note: This childish thing No. 3 can be combined with No. 2. for extra childish fun.

Childish Thing No. 4 - BLANKET/PILLOW FORT

This is by far my favourite idea I plan to implement. I want to build a fort so fluffy, so cushioning, so comfortable, that Troy and Abed themselves would be like "Cool cool cool".

If that can't be achieved, then perhaps something more classy and atmospheric like the one above. There are so many options to choose from. Sturdy couch cushions, ingenious blanket designs, room creations, and of course, most difficult and elusive of all: the two story snuggle-factory.

So am I miss anything? Because as far as I know, I'm going to be dancing in my naked blanket ball-pit fort covered in cake mix for as long as I can before I'm arrested for public indecency and noise complaints.

Because that's what grow ups do.

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