Sunday, March 16, 2014

No Time For Games

Since my last post, I have started at university for my last year, gone on a holiday to the beach where I became sick in the last few days, and finally received the keys for my new place.

While most people would be super involved in the moving process or working non stop to earn enough money to afford that awesome hardwood bed with the built-in shelf on the headboard, I just miss not having time to play video games.

Especially since I started playing Banished which is rather an addictive game. It's like Age of Empires on hard mode without the fighting other people. I've made so man villages but they all just insist on dying. Oh look! I built you this nice new hospital in case any of you get sick- uh oh, Faleciabob has contracted tuberculosis... Faleciabob you should go to the hospital- wait, why are you going home? You're going to make everyone else- oh yeah everyone else is sick now. Excellent. Oh and the town just caught fire. Excellent.

It fills up fast.

It's like the game doesn't want your people to survive. And that could be considered a metaphor for life, which is why I am trying super hard to make my current village happy even though they insist on killing themselves.

Or I was until about a month ago when my life decided to start happening. So inconvenient.

But on the other hand, I'm using the opportunity of moving to go through all my possessions and both relive my mistakes and wonder what motivates me to buy so many nerdy t-shirts and commemorative mugs. I don't even drink coffee, I just like drinking schnaps out of a Game of Thrones stein.

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