Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Game of Throoones!

 Here are some things I'm glad and sad about Season 4 of Game of Thrones.

So glad it's back.
So sad it only lasts 10 episodes.
So glad it isn't stretched out just to meet a quota.
So sad there were so many recasts this season. Except The Mountain. Third time's the charm. Seriously look at this guy!

So glad they are still staying true to the book (Thanks to George's help).
So sad we can't see every character in every episode.
So glad people are still dropping like flies.
So sad there isn't as much nudity.
So glad Arya and The Hound are coming off as awesome as they are in the book.
So sad the actor Wilko Johnson who played Ser Ilyn Payne has terminal pancreatic cancer and will no longer be in the show.
So glad Johnson is an awesome musician using his last moments to record an album with The Who.
So sad some people are actually mean to the actor who plays Joffrey.
So glad everyone else respects him for perfectly playing the biggest shit-head spoilt child in fictional existence.

Watch the latest episode. 3 million people are now very happy. Watch it.

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