Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Well That Was Tedious

Good lord it has been over a month.
My how time flies when you are finding excuses not to unpack those last boxes sitting in the middle of your new living room.
But my computer is unpacked and that is pretty much all that matters.
Time for a ramble I think.

The manfriend and I bought 2 nintendo 3DS's so we could play both Pokemon X and Y and trade with each other. I liked this idea until I found out he was spending every spare moment super training his Pokemon and now I refuse to have a battle because my team's moral can only get so low after 3 absolutely terrible losses. And I have still yet to get Mega Charizard X who, by the way, looks legen- wait two weeks while I kill a tonne of bloody flabebes so I can get through this god damn garden- dary!

For that matter, all the megalutions introduced in X and Y are pretty cool, even though they only last for one battle. It's times like this where Digimon can seem a little cooler because they had at least 4 evolutions and each one was more awesome than the last. But if they introduce more extra evolutions to pokemon I'd be all up in that shit. And all of them look really cool. Except maybe for Gardevoir who just put on a ball gown. And blastoise with his very big gun. And Venusaur with his . . . bigger flower thing.

I also like the fact that my manfriend decided we should buy these two weeks before my final assessments are due. But that's cool. I'm sure I can finish the game within 3 days. If I decide not to sleep,  go to work, or eat proper food.

Nerd life, yo.

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