Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reading Is A Journey

I recently discovered this gem.

I'm proud to see a lot of titles I've managed to read made it onto the chart, and I don't mind if this chart is for readers starting on their journey; a lot of these books have moved me. I hope some computer savvy librarians and book stores see this and use it to guide young, old, or bored people to something magical.

Personally I recommend anything by Neil Gaiman if you want something light and fun, Ursula Le Guin if you want something deep and meaningful, Douglas Adams if you want witty and adventurous, Stephen King if you want Stephen King, and everything else ever written that fits into Fantasy or Science-Fiction. Even if it's bad. Makes you appreciate the good ones even more so.


You can find the larger image HERE.

Read my pretties. READ!

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