Thursday, January 1, 2015

The End of 2014

Well that was one hell of a year.

The last couple of months I had a hectic scramble for finishing 2014. This culminated in 3 assessments, finishing an internship, working enough hours to cover the two other employees who quit, and making sure I stop to to eat, sleep, and maybe enjoy a nice tv show if there is time.

The good news is I now have two Bachelor degrees in Business and Creative Industries while still 21 and for the moment have stable work, good mental and physical health, and have no personal issues beyond my regular paranoid delusions. To my knowledge...


Now I can only assume it's downhill from here.

I have 6 months to find a career or at least a step into a career before I become old news and need to get more education to be the "cool kid" again. It also has to be something which either makes the same amount or more money than I am currently making or involves the care and playing with of puppies and/or kittens. If not then I have to decide whether to take a step up at my current job, take on more responsibility, and make it harder for myself to leave if something better does come along.

I also had my 22nd birthday which everyone forgot. It's one of the perils of being born so close to Christmas, but I'm still disappointed people don't bother to remember birthdays since Facebook keeps track of them all now. Not even kidding, all my friends forgot. Super grateful my boyfriend and family remembered but it's doesn't stop me from feeling at least a little bit sad.

I got to pat some otters though. The puppies of the sea! Or maybe kittens. Either way they are my new favourite animal.

Look at that face! That is the face of adorable cuteness! And if you have never experienced an otter sitting on your lap, you should go and do so immediately. They are adorable. And a great way to finish a year.

So I've now had enough sugar and alcohol for the evening, it's time to start a new year, with all it's mysteries and possibilities and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, I won't fuck it up.


Here's hoping.

I'll probably fuck up.

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