Thursday, January 15, 2015

You Can't Make Me Go Back!

Not a week or so after I graduated I was thinking of going back to study a different degree.

I waited a few days to see if this insanity would pass, but no such luck.

The thing is I really want to do animation. Not to do anime! That is not why! Nor to start my own indie YouTube cartoon because I KNOW that would consume and destroy my life. Much like YouTube itself.

I just want the opportunity to learn the different types of software associated with basic cartoon animation. And so when someone asks me in a job interview "Do you have skills in Photoshop" I don't have to respond with "Does making satirical parody cartoons with a pirated copy count?"

Which it totally does.

The other reason is because once upon a time I fucking loved to draw. And I was damn good at it. Unfortunately doing a nicely drawn comic strip on the difficulties faced trying to leave a room in Dragon Age Inquisition wouldn't come off as well as a nicely digitalised drawing in Macromedia Flash or the latest version of Photoshop (which I do not have because Adobe is stupid).

But I still quite enjoy drawing and want the opportunity to share my work with others to see if there are others like me around who spend most of their spare time on 9gag or getting annoyed at game characters because they WON'T MOVE OUT OF THE DOORWAY, CASSANDRA!

I could do a year of animation for a diploma but I feel my two bachelor degrees would be unappreciated and quietly resent me. Like trading in the 5-year relationship for a fling because it's the one you've had a crush on you're whole life.

"I'm sorry guys, I love you, we've been together for so long, but, I've needed this my whole life, and... well, I know it can make me happier."

Oh, how cruel!

But I'm not actually going through with it. I'm just expressing the difficulties of finding a job/career/life for young people when the decision could potentially cast you into debt or low job satisfaction.

It's the early-life crisis many 20-somethings fear.

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