Saturday, July 18, 2015

A New Zealand Holiday

Finally had my first holiday in over a year.

And of course like every Australian looking for an easy getaway, I went to Kiwi Land! Australia's nicer little brother with cheaper booze and better mountains.

And just like any tourist I spent a lot of the first few days just pointing at things and going "Look! it's so cold here the water freezes! Everything is covered in snow! I've only seen this kind of thing in films!" Because anyone from the north half of Australia thinks snow is a myth made up by Americans to make Christmas look more magical.

My god it was good to go snowboarding again. Queenstown on the south island of New Zealand is tourist central for all kinds of winter activities, especially if you time it just right so it's not too cold but still has an abundance of snow. Lucked out on that one; snowboarding is infinitely harder when the weather is shithouse. It also helps if you remember everything you learned from the lessons you had over five years ago. Which I totally didn't.

I went to Perisher in 2009 and successfully managed to become an amateur snowboarder. And now...!

... I'm still an amateur but I got some badass photos of me doing bunny hops. Ruins the magic of the photo I know but I don't want people asking how the half pipe was when it took me 4 days of building confidence to do a simple S turn. It's harder than it looks when you have to dodge 5-year-old skiing prodigies.

God damn skiers. 

Back to the actual holiday, I have decided to move to a place surrounded by mountains. Sure it'll take ages to get anywhere, but the view is totally worth it.

So pretty~!

Food was awesome too. At least when it's cold you can justify eating a bowl of chicken wings, whole pizza, jug of beer, and bag of cookies. "That seems like a lot of food for on per-" "IT'S FOR INSULATION!".

New Zealand: 10/10 would definitely go again.

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